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Clare Wildlife

Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Centre adjacent to Kilrush Creek Marina in Kilrush has a range of interesting information and activities, including whale and dolphin skulls and skeletons and rubbing boards, goggle boxes and jigsaws.

Common dolphins can be seen in the summer and autumn. Minke whales appear in during September and October. Check out Irish Whale and Dolphin Group for sightings.

Wild flowers in the Shannon Estuary include primroses and sea pinks, followed by purple loosestrife, sea-aster, meadowsweet and the non native montbretia.

The Burren's Karst landscape enables the co-existence of Mediterranean, arctic and alpine plants. There are about 600 flowering plants, from tiny annuals to shrubs and trees and ferns.

Seabirds include guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and fulmars. In winter thousands of waterfowl including ducks, geese, swans and a range of waders make the estuary their home.

Cliffs Of Moher

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Bird and dolphin watching trips can be booked at DolphinWatch Carrigaholt. Discover 8km of coastline, home to 20 species of birds with Cliffs of Moher Cruises