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Clare Historical Sites

The historic Loop Head Lighthouse has reopened as a museum and contains a comprehensive record of the life and times of the lighthouse keepers. Of great interest to many visitors is the large Eire sign, spelled out in whitewashed stones on the seaward side of the lighthouse, and placed there during World War 2 to discourage combatants from bombing neutral Ireland.

There is a cluster of Stone Forts and Dolmens in Count Clare. Check out Clare's Stone Fort at

Craggaunowen,near Quin, recreates Ireland's past with restoration and re-constructions of earlier forms of dwelling houses, farmsteads, hunting sites and other features of everyday life during the Pre-historic and Early Christian eras.

Scattery Island has a rich and unusual history , an ecclesiastical centre since early times, the monastery, founded by St Senan in the sixth century, suffered under the Vikings in the ninth and tenth centuries and was largely destroyed in Tudor times. Scattery, uninhabited since 1978, was a place of safe harbour for the Spanish Armada and a defense outpost for the English government.Sketch of Scattery Island by Thomas Dineley 1681


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